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Speaking Engagement
A close up of many bees in their hive.
What to do with all these bees?

Bee Management

Keeping bees is more then just owning them. There are lots of steps to learn how to make and keep a sustainable apiary in your backyard!

Siobhan with a bee on her beekeeper suit.  The bee is fat and has yellow pollen in its legs.
Bees and their Pollen Pockets
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Kid Friendly

If I've learned anything, its how much kids enjoy learning about bees!  From their silly dances to communicate, to napping in flowers, and more!

A very fuzzy bee with its head sticking in a flower.
In the Garden and your Home

Bee Preservation

You can help bees without owning and maintaining them.  Learn how you can create a friendly ecosystem in your garden by planting the right flowers!

I'd love to share my knowledge about bees, their habitat, and your garden.

Garden Clubs •  Home and Garden Shows • Schools • Libraries • Clubs and Organizations

Topics include:

  • How is Honey Made

  • Bee's Life Cycle and Role in the Enviornment

  • Creating a Native Bee Habitat in your Garden

  • Selecting Polinator Friendly Plants

  • Adding Pollinator homes in your Yard (Available Soon as a hands on maker class)

  • Discuss the Role Bees Play in Pollinating our Food

  • How to have a Sustainable Apiary: From Hobbiest to the backyard Beek

  • General colony management practices

  • Early swarm signs / swarm lures

  • How and when to split your colony

  • Queen's Egg Cycle and its Ties to the Moon

Zoom and Digital options also available


Pricing depends on event and topic(s) covered, and can be tailored to your your audience. 

If you have an idea for a topic that's not listed, reach out!

Wanna see me in action?  Check out our News and Media section!

Interested in having me speak at your event? Send in a request!

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