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Why Hive Sponsorship is Important


Not only are there economical and physical barriers to beekeping, but there are ecological impacts to consider as well.


Varroa mites are a tough contender in the beekeeping world. There isn't a beekeeper out there who hasn't lost a hive to Varroa Destructor. These mites are destructive and can cause havoc- if not completely destroy your bee colony. Entomologists are now seeing Varroa mites on our precious bumble bees.


All of our native pollinators are either on the threatened or going extinct lists and they need all our help.


Honeybees take a lot of resources to maintain their massive colony size. If that hive succumbs to the pressures of Varroa Mites, those resources could have been available to our native bees. Having professional bee keepers monitor the health of the hives, and assure that proper steps are taken should they become infected is crucial to the preservation of resources and our other pollinators.


That is just ONE way Hive Sponsorship can help bees, other pollinators, and environmental resources.


All these issues impact you and your communities! Help improve your available resources and pollinator health by Sponsoring a Hive!  All the benefits without the time and energy commitment.


You can be an honorary beekeeper and get to brag about that!




​Each Hive Sponsorship includes:

  • 8oz jar of extracted honey or 4oz of comb honey

  • Sticker Pack

  • A special memento from the hive itself

  • Social Media feature showing photos of your hive throughout the season.

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