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Join me for this epic class!


This requires a weekend commitment.

  • We will talk about all things needed for successful queen rearing.
  • Conditions under which queen rearing happens.
  • Stages of queen rearing
  • Grafting/What to graft

Queen Rearing and Grafting Masterclass

  • Come learn the fascinating world of queens in this weekend warrior workshop.

    This 2 day workshop will cover everything you need to know about queen rearing and queen grafting.

    Day 1:

    • Discuss conditions for queen rearing
    • Making a cell builder
    • Making a cell finisher
    • Grafting

    Day 2:

    • Practice grafting and transferring the grafts to grafting cups.

    Each person will have 1 deep frame of graft-able larva to practice on.

    Take home your grafting tool.

    All materials for grafting provided.

    Limit 5 people per class COVID Pending

  • Fully refundable if notice given 20 days before class. No refunds if cancelling after 20 days.

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