From My Garden to Your Table 

Praise Bees

Beekeeping frames laying on the grass.
Jars of Sunshine
Fresh n' Tasty!

Our bees and honey are locally raised and harvested in West Seattle, Washington. The taste is INCREDIBLE and that stems from being able to track the process every step of the way; from birth to hive building, and harvesting.

Illustrated bees in various colors (L to R orange, purple, teal, pink).

Hive Assessments






For the Love of Mother Nature
How to get involved

My passion and love of animals and nature stemmed from an early age.  My 1/4 acre home in West Seattle is home to chicken, bees, two big dogs, and LOTS of flowering and consumable plants.  

Do you want to do your part to help with your carbon footprint and save bees?

A closeup of a yellow sunflower with bees on it and more sunflowers in the background


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Funding the Dream
Feeling Generous?

If you are feeling generous but don't need any bee products or services, you can make a charitable donation to my cause!

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