All queens are marked to make them easy to find and to monitor performance.


Available May 2021


Old Sol Survivor Nuc

  • Old Sol Survivor colonies come complete with:

    • A 2021 double vetted, mated, marked queen
    • 4 frames of bees and stores
    • 5 frame corrugated plastic box
    • 1 gallon frame feeder with cap and ladder system to prevent drowning and burr comb  

    Why a Gallon Feeder? 
    A gallon feeder acrts like a nectar flow.  It helps prepare the colony for comb building and expansion once hived.


    • Breeders are selected from a pool of over 2,500 colonies
    • Selected for hygienic behavior Selected for low mite counts
    • Northern bred for winter hardiness and no Africanized genetics
    • All Breeder queens tested by the Bee Informed Partnership
    • Selected for rapid buildup Fly at cooler temperatures
    • Excellent honey production
    • Mated queens are vetted for 3 weeks to assure a quality brood pattern, and a high acceptance rate