All queens are marked to make them easy to find and to monitor performance.


Available May 2021 

Old Sol Caucasian Nuc

  • Old Sol Caucasian Nucleus colonies come complete with:

    • A 2021 double vetted, mated, marked queen
    • 4 frames of bees and stores
    • 5 frame corrugated plastic box
    • 1 gallon frame feeder with cap and ladder system to prevent drowning and burr comb  


    Why a Gallon Feeder? 
    A gallon feeder acrts like a nectar flow.  It helps prepare the colony for comb building and expansion once hived.


    Caucasian bees / queens characteristics: low tendency to swarming raising strong colonies, but later than the other races. overwinters well they fly earlier and in cooler conditions gentle and calm on the comb low tendency to rob honey very great user of propolis endowed with the longest tongue and take advantage of the nectar sources inaccessible to other races.

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